We provide streamlined and time-effiecient digital delivery solutions that increase the footprint and relivancy of Community Newspapers & Media companies through leveraging cutting edge mobile technologies.

Apple News

NewsBug works with clients to create an Apple News Channel providing them with the tools and support necessary to navigate the ever-changing mine field of mobile technologies. We work individually with each client to create modern workflows, which deliver our client's stories, photos, video and advertising to a growing demographic of readers and consumers.

Automated Engagement

NewsBug creates individualized automated news delivery through FaceBook Messenger. This method allows clients and their customers to push and receive content on a daily or weekly basis directly in their FaceBook messenger inbox. This content will include imbedded advertising links while also linking directly back to the client's website or Apple News Channel increasing analytics and potential ROI for advertisers.

Detailed Analytics

NewsBug delivers clear, concise, informative & up-to-the-minute weekly engagement analytics. Weekly metric reporting empowers you with an overall insight into the reach, exposure, and digital accessibility of your brand.

Powerful Features

Push Notifications

Notify your readers of new content the moment that it is available.


Allow your readers to subscribe to your Apple News Channel so that they may receive updates whenever you post.

SMS Messaging

Have your readers text you to receive a link to your Apple News Channel.

Facebook Messenger App

Interactive messenger app through facebook messenger. Delivers your content directly to your readers.

How does it work?

1. Your Content

Your content is gathered.

2. Your Channel

Distributed to your Apple News Channel.

3. Your Reader

Then delivered to your readers.

Take your advertisers with you!

Going digital is exciting. Now you can carry your advertising relationships with you. Upload your ads to us through our easy to navigate dashboard. It's that easy, now you are serving ads directly to your Apple News Feed effortlessly.

Want analytics on those ads? We've got you covered. With each recurring report you'll know that your advertising efforts are successful.

Finally! Business intelligence metrics simplified.

We gather, process, and deliver your data to you in ways easily understood. Real data for real results.

Receive weekly or monthly reports. We fit your timeline.


  • Apple News App
  • Subscriptions
  • Analytics Reporting
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  • Apple News App
  • Push Notifications
  • Subscriptions
  • SMS Messaging
  • Facebook Messenger App
  • Analytics Reporting
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